Over the past decade we have seen how terrorism can rear its ugly head our way without much notice. We were attacked on that awful morning of Sept. 11th and we had to counterattack. The terrorists never went away, they just hid until they had the resources to try and attack us once more. The biggest threat we are currently combating is ISIS. This is a terrorist organization so brutal that even Al-Qaeda has denounced it as too radical. Their mission is to establish an Islamic Caliphate across the globe in order to impose their radical vision of Islam. Although, I would prefer not be engaged in any more conflicts, I realize that this growing threat must be stopped on the other side of the world before it reaches America.

That being said, I am highly skeptical that this air operation will be successful unless there’s a long-term sustained effort. It will have to be an air operation of the massive size and force that was used to dislodge Serbia from Kosovo. Only then will we see success. There are some folks, primarily the right wing media, who say this crisis is of Obama’s making because he didn’t push hard enough during the Arab Spring. It’s unfortunate how people like to rewrite history. The only reason these groups are popping up is because of the mismanaged Iraqi War that only destabilized the country. Let’s remind ourselves that it was President Bush who could never get an agreement signed with the Iraqi government in regards to how to proceed after the end of combat operations. We are basically having to live by the “Pottery Barn Rule” used by General Powell (*you break it, you bought it). It’s that sort of neo-con empire building blather that got us into this mess.

This entire ordeal is a reminder of the consequences of having a war with no plan for what next. A war started over lies and false pretenses. I remain on the side of the war weary and this is NOT a reminder as to why we need to always send boots in every time John McCain calls for it.  Hopefully we will learn the right lesson.  This President is fixing the gross mishandling of a war we should have never participated in.

It is important that the United States along with Arab allies come together to defeat a group that is hell bent on destroying freedoms through a massive size air operation. America is leading the effort primarily in Syria and Iraq with the help of many nations. The objective is twofold: Arm and support Syrian rebel opposition and dismantle ISIS strongholds by air attacks. What we cannot afford, and the American people won’t tolerate, is another boots incursion. We’ve seen how this movie plays out plus most Americans want nothing to do with war anymore. America, along with its partners, will defeat this radical threat so we are safe at home.

Reposted from State Senator Curt Thompson’s blog (D-5th). He resides in Tucker, GA and is Chairman of the Special Judiciary Committee. Make sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. His website is www.makingyourvoicecount.com


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