2022 Legislative Summary

In the 2022 Legislative Session, the Georgia Senate Democratic Caucus faced an onslaught of bills aimed at placating far-right voters. Rather than solving problems faced by ordinary Georgians, many bills seemed tailored to satisfy conspiracy theorists and internet culture warriors. Democratic efforts to expand Medicaid, raise the minimum wage, and uplift teachers and students who are suffering from pandemic fatigue and learning loss were once again stymied by GOP intransigence.… Read more

2021 Legislative Summary

In 2021 the Georgia General Assembly faced the uphill challenge of legislating during a pandemic. Limits on public access to the Capitol meant transparency was at an all time low, and this obstruction found its way into all levels of lawmaking in 2021. Early morning committee meetings, last minute bill changes, rushed hearings, and ultimately the Governor’s signing of bills in secret, all contributed to the sense that Democrats, and the people they represent, were not welcome to participate.… Read more