Tossing It Up

Only a few months ago folks in Democratic party circles were openly worrying that this November might turn out to be another wave election for Republicans.   Certainly the GOP and their media outlets like Fox News and talk radio were promoting that idea.   The conditions seemed ripe for a repeat of the 2010 “shellacking” that Democrats took in those midterm elections. … Read more

The Growing Threat

Over the past decade we have seen how terrorism can rear its ugly head our way without much notice. We were attacked on that awful morning of Sept. 11th and we had to counterattack. The terrorists never went away, they just hid until they had the resources to try and attack us once more. The biggest threat we are currently combating is ISIS.… Read more

Hearing Voices

Contrary to the title, no I am not writing about ghosts and ghoulies this week. We still have month before Halloween, after all. I’m referring to a different type of voice; a voice that many people around the world are not able to hear, or even speak for that matter. I’m referencing one’s own inner voice – their thoughts, their beliefs, and their viewpoints on issues.… Read more

Breaking the College Bank

The legend of Ouroboros is the perfect way to describe the student loan situation in America. Ouroboros in Greek mythology is a serpent that eats its own tail, which in the myth represents cyclicality. Forever doomed to do the same thing over and over without and kind of actual outcome.
A serpent eating itself to stay alive might seem to exist only in mythology, unless you examine our state and national problem with education and the student loan fiasco.… Read more