Retail Marijuana and Georgia’s Prosperity

The budget is out and while revenue is looking up as we are finally coming out of the Great Recession, it in no way addresses our need for money for transportation infrastructure or education. That is why there is so much discussion about what to do about revenue. SR 6, which I pre-filed in January, should be part of the mix of things discussed to help generate revenue to improve our schools, and address our transportation needs.… Read more

Moving Georgia Forward

As the 2015 Georgia State General Assembly convenes for legislation this year, many thoughts are on the minds of Georgia’s citizens. But the main thought on everyone’s minds would have to be the thought of what comes next? What will be the key issues facing Georgia this year? And finally, what will be done to fix them?
Georgia was recently ranked the best state to do business.… Read more

Thompson Files Medical Marijuana Legislation – ‘We have the opportunity to provide doctors with an additional tool’

Atlanta, Ga. – November 24, 2014 – Georgia State Senator Curt Thompson (D-Norcoss) today pre-filed legislation that would legalize medical marijuana, along with a separate measure that would legalize and regulate marijuana retail sales to adults.

“Few would disagree that physicians need every good tool in their medical toolbox to provide the best health care possible to their patients. Whether that tool is a new diagnostic test, a new antibiotic or a form of proven pain reliever, doctors need the ability to provide the best possible short and long-term health care for their patients, SB 7 is designed to do just that,” Thompson said.… Read more

Valor, Courage, Sacrifice

Having completed two combat tours during the Vietnam War, nothing has brought me greater honor than serving on behalf of the United States military. Now, as your senator and chairman of the state senate’s Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security Committee, I am humbled to work on veterans’ behalf to secure legislation that provides comprehensive resources they need.

THANK YOU to all those who have served and continue to serve in the U.S.… Read more