Congratulations Hardie Davis

The Georgia Senate Democratic Caucus congratulates Augusta’s next Mayor, Sen. Hardie Davis.  Mayor-Elect Davis will be an invaluable asset to the people of Augusta and will work tirelessly for and accountable, transparent and collaborative government, economic growth and job creation, public safety throughout Augusta, and stronger public schools.

Senator Davis began his service in Georgia lawmaking as a member of the State House of Representatives.… Read more

Congratulations to all Re-elected Democratic Senators!

The Georgia Senate Democratic Caucus congratulates Democratic State Senators who won contested primaries last night. Each and every one of you has been an immense asset to the State of Georgia and through your hard work will return in 2015 to continue working to create a strong and prosperous Georgia with good, high-paying jobs, a strong educational system, and an honest government that works for everone.… Read more

Congratulations Elena Parent

The Georgia Senate Democratic Caucus is proud to welcome 42nd Senate District nominee Elena Parent.  The Caucus is excited to work with Elena to help rebuild our economy for working families, increase educational opportunities, fight for crucial investments in transportation, and stand up for a government that works for Georgians, not deep-pocketed special interests.

As a former Democratic State Representative, Elena has a proven record of accomplishment on these issues and was known for being one of the most effective progressive leaders at the State Capitol.… Read more