Georgia’s 2014 Legislative Session is over, but its impact will be felt for some time.

The 18-member Senate Democratic Caucus entered this legislative term one member shy of its ability to block constitutional amendments. While Democratic numbers haven’t allowed the caucus to block simple majority bills on the floor for some years, this was the first time Democrats worked within a Republican Super Majority.

Additionally, passing Democratic legislation faced greater odds this year because of Sen. Jason Carter’s announced bid to replace Republican Governor Nathan Deal. GOP political maneuvering for the November elections was at an all-time high.

Despite these overwhelming odds, Senate Democrats worked as a team on priority legislation that would improve access and funding for education, create jobs and foster an environment for economic growth, while working towards honest and transparent government.

The majority of bills in the Democratic Caucus’ legislative package were never given a committee hearing. Still, there were legislative successes, measured both by passing and working to defeat legislation and in obtaining funding for critical programs.

The attached document recaps the Senate Democratic Caucus’ work in 2014.


See 2014 Legislative Summary



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